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Airing My Dirty Diapers

Posted: October 29, 2013 in Diapers, Parenting

I love cloth diapers.

I didn’t think I would when I started the endeavor. Like much of what I do the goal was to save money and I decided I liked saving money (thanks Dave Ramsey!) more than I disliked poopy diapers. What surprised me though was how good I feel using them. When I wrap JJ up, his butt now fluffy, I feel like I’ve been Proverbs-31-ish. Not that using disposables makes one *not* Proverbs 31, but that’s the only way I know to explain this feeling. A sense of being shrewd, industrious, all while having my baby’s booty make a fashion statement. Oh yes, let my husband be praised in the courts as people admire that porcupine cover.

When I started I went with the inexpensive Chinese prefolds and Thirsties Duo Snap Covers. I’m still pretty fond of my prefolds and the Thirsties covers are great, but I’ve fallen for the very lovely Best Bottoms covers (I haven’t tried their inserts). They just feel sturdier and they last longer – which for my babies could mean that they last until JJ is potty trained (just kidding. maybe not).

I know people’s eyes go wide when they hear cloth diaper (what about the pooooo?! I guess is what they’re thinking, but anyone with a baby has been poo-ed on at some point). It seems daunting. I was half terrified, but after two days we were in a rhythm. Now, to be fair, we partially cloth diaper. I use disposables for night and when we’re out and about (I live far away from things, this would mean several diaper changes before I got home). But for home? Cloth it is. Still, just like homeschooling, people have worked up some crazy ideas. You’d think the bogeyman lived in a diaper pail (and he might, it certainly smells that way).

Still… I’m loving the fluffy butt :)