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Oh, Hey, Spit Up

Posted: November 12, 2013 in Insecurities, Life, Parenting
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So lately I’ve worried that maybe I’m too dumb to do more than what I’m doing. I’m not supposed to admit that right? That I have insecurities as a stay-at-home mom? The problem with insecurities is that someone is always ready to either yell at you (YOU CHOSE THIS! BAD DAYS NOT ALLOWED!), condemn you (DO YOU NOT SEE THE CUTENESS OF YOUR CHILD?!), or urge you to go another way (I HEARD SUBWAY WAS HIRING!). It’s hard to say – I believe in what I’m doing, but some days I jus don’t like it much. Every choice has pros and cons and there are days when the cons are bigger and you think “Why can’t I dye my hair, change my name, and write a doctoral thesis?” IMG_3199

(And then I worry that maybe I’m not smart enough to write that doctoral thesis and the truth is, I may never know even though one day, I’d like to find out. I think. Unless I’m dumb, then I don’t know that I want to know).

Yeah, it’s been one of those days. I put on a shirt with spit up and decided, why bother changing?