Just 41 and a half more levels… I mean years, to go…

Posted: October 25, 2013 in Uncategorized

I didn’t daydream much about my wedding when I was younger, but I find myself planning my future 50th wedding anniversary. I fully intend there to be a crazy party (do the kids these days say “sick”? Will I have to ban twerking? I don’t know but I’ll have a cane that I’ll shake at those whippersnappers). There will be catering, music, pictures (or holograms, holograms are cool). I’ll be 72, so I’ll totally be allowed to wear something with a hideous amount of sequins and no one will say anything because I’m 72 and I’ve been married to the same man for 50 years (now if I can just talk him into a sequined dinner jacket…).

Usually my daydream consists of me hearing a song and imagining that I’m dancing with the Husband. I have a mental play list running (I should probably create one on iTunes). I think that might make me odd, but oh well, I’m going to have a killer playlist when I’m rocking out with my walker. (I wonder if a DJ will give me a senior discount…)

If I had time I’d share all the songs in my head. But I don’t, so you’ll just have to plan on being there. Save the date – God-willing (because one never knows the future) it’ll be May 14th, 2055. :)


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