God’s Echoes in Parenting

Posted: October 11, 2013 in God, Parenting

I love to spoil my kids. Well, okay, I love to spoil E. JJ is only three months so really the only thing I can give him is as much boob-time as he wants (we joke that I’m Big Milk Thing a la Doctor Who). I’m constantly trying to find inexpensive ways to shower E with good things, but I also try to find ways to expand his experiences. For example, November is National Novel Writing Month and my kid adores stories. He puts together his own Star Wars-Angry Birds-Lego LotR-Hero Factory-Avengers fanfiction and acts it out with his figurines and some old tissue boxes. So for the month of November, I’m going to help him write a story instead of working on regular, boring, handwriting exercises. It’ll be fun!

Except, somehow, I suspect he’s not going to see it as fun. Y’know, because, it takes workKiddos

I’ve been writing stories since I was his age and so I know the thrill of having my words on paper, having planned them, having crafted them, and then getting to share them. He doesn’t though and so to some extent, I’m having to teach him to have faith that I see a world of joy and excitement for him, but the journey is going to be tougher than he wants it to be.

It makes me think of Christ who promises a world of eternal joy and excitement everlasting, but the journey is tougher and it requires a lot of faith. There are days, oh so many of them, where I lament that it’s too hard, and sometimes it really is too hard and all I can do is cry, but I have to trust that has difficult as the journey is, and despite the many times I want to quit, there is something worthwhile on the other side. It’s hard to catch a vision of Heaven on this side with sin clouding every step. Sort of like it’s hard for E to catch a vision of a lifetime of stories when his little hand gets tired.

Seeing God as Father has become easier since becoming a parent. Just has He reverberates His promises through marriage, I hear His echoes as I try, often weakly and with many faults, to train my little ones in the way they should go.



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