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Airing My Dirty Diapers

Posted: October 29, 2013 in Diapers, Parenting

I love cloth diapers.

I didn’t think I would when I started the endeavor. Like much of what I do the goal was to save money and I decided I liked saving money (thanks Dave Ramsey!) more than I disliked poopy diapers. What surprised me though was how good I feel using them. When I wrap JJ up, his butt now fluffy, I feel like I’ve been Proverbs-31-ish. Not that using disposables makes one *not* Proverbs 31, but that’s the only way I know to explain this feeling. A sense of being shrewd, industrious, all while having my baby’s booty make a fashion statement. Oh yes, let my husband be praised in the courts as people admire that porcupine cover.

When I started I went with the inexpensive Chinese prefolds and Thirsties Duo Snap Covers. I’m still pretty fond of my prefolds and the Thirsties covers are great, but I’ve fallen for the very lovely Best Bottoms covers (I haven’t tried their inserts). They just feel sturdier and they last longer – which for my babies could mean that they last until JJ is potty trained (just kidding. maybe not).

I know people’s eyes go wide when they hear cloth diaper (what about the pooooo?! I guess is what they’re thinking, but anyone with a baby has been poo-ed on at some point). It seems daunting. I was half terrified, but after two days we were in a rhythm. Now, to be fair, we partially cloth diaper. I use disposables for night and when we’re out and about (I live far away from things, this would mean several diaper changes before I got home). But for home? Cloth it is. Still, just like homeschooling, people have worked up some crazy ideas. You’d think the bogeyman lived in a diaper pail (and he might, it certainly smells that way).

Still… I’m loving the fluffy butt :)


I didn’t daydream much about my wedding when I was younger, but I find myself planning my future 50th wedding anniversary. I fully intend there to be a crazy party (do the kids these days say “sick”? Will I have to ban twerking? I don’t know but I’ll have a cane that I’ll shake at those whippersnappers). There will be catering, music, pictures (or holograms, holograms are cool). I’ll be 72, so I’ll totally be allowed to wear something with a hideous amount of sequins and no one will say anything because I’m 72 and I’ve been married to the same man for 50 years (now if I can just talk him into a sequined dinner jacket…).

Usually my daydream consists of me hearing a song and imagining that I’m dancing with the Husband. I have a mental play list running (I should probably create one on iTunes). I think that might make me odd, but oh well, I’m going to have a killer playlist when I’m rocking out with my walker. (I wonder if a DJ will give me a senior discount…)

If I had time I’d share all the songs in my head. But I don’t, so you’ll just have to plan on being there. Save the date – God-willing (because one never knows the future) it’ll be May 14th, 2055. :)

My Firefly Nursery

Posted: October 24, 2013 in Nursery, Parenting
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I had a lot people get really excited when they found out I was doing a Firefly/Serenity nursery. It’s a show that a decade later still has a following of beloved fans, of which I am one. So as promised, here are pictures as well as links.

Since babies can’t express an opinion on decor, decorating a nursery is about the parents’ taste and in our case, my taste. I knew I wanted to do a sci-fi theme but I wanted it to be primarily gender neutral with accents of gender that could be changed if more little ones come along. Much of sci-fi is blue and gray which, besides being associated with boys is also rather dull. Sure, there are accents of color, but in the end I loved the endless possibilities with Firefly.

Being a western-in-space, it had vibrant colors – reds, oranges, yellows, pinks, blues – and vibrant culture – an eastern and western mish-mash. It has everything a TCK could love. Firefly doesn’t have the wide appeal to warrant a lot of merchandising. This meant I had to piece it together and it’s likely this will be a work in progress as I tweak it (and I’ll update this post as I do).

The primary color I chose was orange. People generally have strong feelings about this color, and for me it’s a positive feeling. The room I chose for my nursery faces east and the orange hues of the wall glow as the morning sun peeks through the windows. It’s hard to capture in a snapshot though. You’ll just have to trust me. This mobile was my inspiration, however, I ended up with so much orange, I replaced it with the other one pictured (but the orange one is still in the room, just elsewhere). You can get these beautiful mobiles as theStarcraft over on Etsy.

Going from there, it was time to find the furniture and the rest of the decor. I prefer a sparse room, that is, I don’t like clutter. A clean look is important to me – probably because the rest of my house is a total disaster. But I live on a tight budget and so if I wanted to spend money on items I knew would make my nursery unique and try as much as a possible to find inexpensive ways to fill out the rest of it.

One of those was was to sand down and repaint a hideous old dresser. I hated that dresser. I should have taken a picture of it but I didn’t because it never occurred to me to take a picture of an ugly dresser. However, this ugly dresser (through the help of my BFF – yes Jo, I called you my BFF) was miraculously transformed into this beauty that you see on the left. I replaced the color and the handles and then I got a changing pad from Target along with a changing pad cover and voila. Changing station and dresser all in one!

Finding a crib was a bit more tricky. There are a lot of fantsy pants cribs out there for hundreds of dollars. Me, I have a deep love of IKEA, so that’s where I headed to get my crib.

I appreciated this particular crib for it’s simplicity. One of the fancy cribs made me think of the Alliance. I wanted something that made me think of the Rebels. It also helps that the Sundvik gets high marks. It may not look like much, but that thing is sturdy. You should have seen the look on my husband’s face as I picked up the model and dropped, then shook it, then shook it like a woman trying to simulate an earthquake.

Trust me, it’s sturdy.

For wall art, I stumbled across chibi characters on Etsy. Yup Etsy again! These four prints I purchased from bensmind and I will attest that they are very worth the money and the shipping (he’s in the UK). I purchased my frames through Amazon from Art to Frames

Let me take a moment to say that the customer service from Art to Frames was top notch. They packaged the frames incredibly well. Even so, one came with the glass cracked. I contacted them and within a few hours they’d promised to send out a new frame and would have FedEx pick up the broken one. I had my new frame within the week. I can’t recommend these frames enough – they’re good quality at an affordable price point.

 photo IMG_3264-1.jpg  photo IMG_3267-1.jpg

 photo IMG_3260-1.jpg photo IMG_3262-1.jpg

Since my baby is a boy, the artwork is one of those tweakable pieces. I opted for the male characters to be highlighted. If we have more babies and one of those future babies is a girl, the artwork is easily switched out for the girls (my picks: River, Zoe, and Kaylee).

The chibi characters worked perfectly with the fabric I had chosen. Now here’s where things got tricky. There is no bedding for this show. Not at all. So your options are either to be skilled with the sewing machine, know someone skilled with a sewing machine willing to put in hours of hard work, or you can commission it from Geek-A-Bye-Baby. In my case, my BFF (yes Jo, I called you my BFF), loved me dearly and offered to make my bedding. I found my fabric on Spoonflower

I’m not a bumper girl, so we skipped bumpers. Instead she made me a bedskirt, a blanket, a cushion (more on that), and curtains.

The beauty of this fabric is that it’s playful, childlike, and has lots of different colors. So if you’re not an orange gal like me, you have tons of other options to play with.

 photo IMG_3243-1.jpg  photo IMG_3244-1.jpg

The cushion was my replacement for bumpers. With the larger age difference, I knew that it would be easy for E to be neglected. So Jo had the great idea of creating E’s cushion. He comes in and he can sit on the floor while I nurse his brother. It’s been a hit as E absolutely adores his little brother.

And finally, the final piece that I am totally in love with. NAME BLOCKS!

At yet another Etsy store, Around the Block, I found someone who would use panels from the Firefly comic book. I selected the characters and the colors and then waited on the edge of my seat. I was so taken with these that I ordered another set for E!

I added a bit of bamboo for effect next to the blocks although I may change up everything later on :)

If you have any questions, let me know. I tried to include links to where I found everything. You can also check out my Pinterest board to see all the pins I pinned as I brainstormed this room.

And just to finish it out, here are some other pics!

 photo IMG_3256.jpg  photo IMG_3261.jpg  photo IMG_3258.jpg  photo IMG_3245-1.jpg  photo IMG_3255-1.jpg  photo IMG_3291.jpg

AroundtheBlockAZ (name blocks) – Like them on Facebook (Around the Block)
bensmind (prints)
theStarcraft (mobile)
IKEA (crib, shelf, vase, bamboo, blinds, frame for fabric squares)
Art to Frame (frame for bensmind prints)
Geek-A-Bye-Baby (where you’ll have to go for bedding since my BFF is, well, my BFF LOL)

God’s Echoes in Parenting

Posted: October 11, 2013 in God, Parenting

I love to spoil my kids. Well, okay, I love to spoil E. JJ is only three months so really the only thing I can give him is as much boob-time as he wants (we joke that I’m Big Milk Thing a la Doctor Who). I’m constantly trying to find inexpensive ways to shower E with good things, but I also try to find ways to expand his experiences. For example, November is National Novel Writing Month and my kid adores stories. He puts together his own Star Wars-Angry Birds-Lego LotR-Hero Factory-Avengers fanfiction and acts it out with his figurines and some old tissue boxes. So for the month of November, I’m going to help him write a story instead of working on regular, boring, handwriting exercises. It’ll be fun!

Except, somehow, I suspect he’s not going to see it as fun. Y’know, because, it takes workKiddos

I’ve been writing stories since I was his age and so I know the thrill of having my words on paper, having planned them, having crafted them, and then getting to share them. He doesn’t though and so to some extent, I’m having to teach him to have faith that I see a world of joy and excitement for him, but the journey is going to be tougher than he wants it to be.

It makes me think of Christ who promises a world of eternal joy and excitement everlasting, but the journey is tougher and it requires a lot of faith. There are days, oh so many of them, where I lament that it’s too hard, and sometimes it really is too hard and all I can do is cry, but I have to trust that has difficult as the journey is, and despite the many times I want to quit, there is something worthwhile on the other side. It’s hard to catch a vision of Heaven on this side with sin clouding every step. Sort of like it’s hard for E to catch a vision of a lifetime of stories when his little hand gets tired.

Seeing God as Father has become easier since becoming a parent. Just has He reverberates His promises through marriage, I hear His echoes as I try, often weakly and with many faults, to train my little ones in the way they should go.


Writing, When?

Posted: October 11, 2013 in Uncategorized

National Novel Writing Month is coming up and despite having won (that is, reach 50k) twice in a row, once while being morning sick, I’ve conceded I can’t do it this year. Somehow, I don’t think my littlest one will let me ignore him (not that my oldest will, but he can be bribed with video games. I am not above bribery so that I can get some words on paper). I love to write and yet, in these hurried days with a house that’s always on the brink of disaster and baby who is constantly in need of me, I find myself eyeing my journals longingly.

That’s part of why I started this blog. I have another one, a serious one, with musings on depression, but I can barely find time to write down anything deeply personal – and depression is deeply personal. So here I am, writing about my life because why not?

And once I can take pictures again, I might just add a few :)